CRM Real Estates Properties

3,500 ج.م
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12.05.2016 - منذ 1 سنة

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CRM Real Estates Properties

3,500 ج.م
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CRM Real Estates Properties
The Real Estate CRM is web application for Managing, Controlling and monitoring your Real Estates business.
The CRM helps you and your whole team to record and get full tracking for all your clients and properties information in your business life cycle including your Marketing, Sales, Operational and Support activities.

The CRM provides Admin authority, users, control the responsibilities of each and create teams with assigned roles with different scope level Calendar for reminding with all planned calls, meetings and tasks on to-do list and Full control over your properties and clients requests through business modules like: property information, property request, tasks, meetings, calls, campaigns, and emails.
** Price = 3500 EGP
** Delivery after 3 days.
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