Apple Iphone 5s 16gb

400 ج.م
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16.05.2014 - منذ 3 سنة

Apple Iphone 5s 16gb

400 ج.م
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Apple Iphone 5s 16gb
You can buy one or more units of the products (Purchase of 10 units and get 3 additional units for free), all prices are including free shipping.

They come in original box with all accessories, new, unlock, original (authentic).Prices:


1unit Apple iPhone 5S 64GB 400 euro

1unit Apple iPhone 5S 32GB 350 euro

1unit Apple iPhone 5S 16GB 300 euro

3units Apple iphone 5S 16GB 800 euro
3units Apple iphone 5S 32GB 900 euro

3units Apple iphone 5S 64GB 900 euro


Apple iPad 3 HD Wifi 4G 64GB 400 euro

Apple iPad 3 HD Wifi 4G 32GB 300 euro

Apple iPad 3 HD Wifi 4G 16GB 250 euro

Apple iPad 2 WiFi 3G 64GB 220 euro

Apple iPad 2 WiFi 3G 32GB 200 euro

Samsung Galaxy

3units of Samsung Galaxy S3: 600euro

3units of Samsung Galaxy S2: 420euro

Buy 5units and get 1 unit for free Extra:

5units of Samsung Galaxy S3: 800euro

5units of Apple Iphone 4s 32gb: 600 euro

We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. All products sold by our company carries 1 year international warranty with apple production. These are original.They can be used with any SIM card.

Large orders over 10 units attract a better discount.

For more inquiries for any product that you are interested, please contact us at the following address if you are interested with your order.
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